Our 351 Sons Book
Authors John & Jan Gillespie met in 2nd grade, raised two sons of their own plus another 351 Sons sent to them by Juvenile Courts. It became the successful Rawhide Boys Ranch.

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The book will be released early 2018
Written by John & Jan Gillespie. Forward by Bart & Cherry Starr.

Rawhide Starr Academy Basketball team
The Rawhide Starr Academy Basketball Team plays against other private high schools. This is the first time most of the boys have played on a school team. They have a 50% record of wins.

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Bart and Cherry Starr partnered with founders John and Jan Gillespie
John & Jan Gillespie founded Rawhide Boys Ranch in 1965 and were joined by Bart & Cherry Starr a year later. The Starr's have partnered with us for 5-decades and provide the book forward.

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David Claus - "I'm a Rawhide Guy"
Jan Gillespie managed the equestrian program and would match boys to a horse with a similar personality. David Claus arrived very much a free-spirit, definitely like Smoky. They became best friends. After 40-years a photo of his buddy was found that we presented to David. In 2017 David wrote and sang a song he titled, "I'm A Rawhide Guy". It is now the ranch theme song.
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The 800 dealership Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association partnered with Rawhide to develop the nation's most successful Vehicle Donation Program.
Rawhide was losing 25-thousand dollars a year and facing foreclosure. 800 Dealerships of the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association partnered with the ranch to develop the nation's first and most successful charity vehicle donation program, providing way more than our annual operating losses.
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